Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia


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Agoraphobia – the Fear of Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is a generalized anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where it is perceived to be difficult or embarrassing to escape. For some that could be wide open spaces, for others it could be shopping centres, being in crowds or social gatherings in flits or aeroplanes, or the fear of not being able to home quickly and/or safely. People will often be aware that they are looking for an escape route. People suffering from agoraphobia will find it difficult to leave their home as it feels like a safe place because of the fear that they may suffer from overwhelming anxiety or panic attacks if they were to leave.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology can all help by helping you to re-program your thoughts, behaviours and to disconnect any older negative connections. There will nearly always be a root cause for this, as any, phobia and finding this can often have a massive effect in and of itself. From there we will be utilising the unconscious mind to assist you to train your mind and to build new ways of being more relaxed and comfortable in various settings around people, places and things, this is achievable between 2-4 sessions.

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In the UK agoraphobia is currently the only phobia regularly treated as a medical condition, agoraphobia can account for approximately 60% of phobias. Until quite recently, agoraphobia or was defined as a fear of open spaces however it now covers a larger range which can include a combination of panic attacks. The word itself comes from the Greek which means the ‘fear of the marketplace’.

In response to a traumatic event, anxiety may interrupt the formation of memories and disrupt the learning processes, resulting in dissociation. Depersonalization which is a feeling of disconnection from one’s self’ and derealisation – a feeling of disconnection from one’s surroundings – are other dissociative methods of withdrawing from anxiety.

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Claustrophobia – the Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Claustrophobia or the fear of enclosed spaces is one of the most common phobias, another way of looking at it may be ‘the fear of not having an easy or accessible escape route’ because for anyone who experiences claustrophobia this is the overwhelming and most predominating feature. A person who suffers from claustrophobia may panic when inside any confined spaces such as in lifts, on the underground, on planes, in crowded rooms, at concerts or middle seats of cinemas or theatres.

As with most phobias we don’t choice to be claustrophobic and there will be a root cause for the claustrophobia and discovering this, addressing the cause and then developing new ways and manners of being in those situations will enable people to move on. Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology are all excellent at addressing phobias and often surprisingly quickly.

Something traumatic happened to the claustrophobic when a child, maybe you saw an adult being scared of an animal or spider and at that young and impressionable age thought ‘that little crawly thing must be so scary because my mum is scared of it’ or maybe being shut in a dark room, trapped during a childhood game or by another child not knowing how it would affect you later on.

Phobias are often, actually usually childhood fears that were never outgrown, we didn’t choice them and they will nearly always have a root cause or a small number of incidents which have imprinted on the memory and carried forward into adulthood. Sometimes people are aware of the reason for their phobia and sometimes not, or the memory has been forgotten an in some cases it can be a little complicated how our unconscious mind has connected things together. Even though rationally it doesn’t make sense to have the fear, there seems to be something else happening, which there is and this will be deeper in the unconscious mind.


“Hi Matthew u helped me in mid July for my claustrophobia I thought I’d let u know how I got on going to the USA. I got on better than usual with the help you gave me. I felt a lot calmer on both the flight and difficult situations; some of the rides (Disney Land Florida) were closed in. Thank you for all your help.”

Kim – Flying Phobia and Claustrophobia, September 2010

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away.

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