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Helping with work related stress, personal development, motivation, making decisions, balance, confidence, assertiveness, aspiring to new heights, positive thinking, optimism, becoming the best you that you can be … and more


In Didcot I can currently work Wednesdays 10.30 am to 5.30 pm with some later times by arrangement; and on some Fridays by arrangement

In Reading on Mondays through to Fridays 10am – 8pm

And also online hypnotherapy with Zoom, Skype, and Teams


Hello, I’m Matthew Exell and thank you for visiting my site. It is so important to find the right coach, life coach and the right person to help you, so now I will help to provide you with all the right information that you will need to make that decision – that I can help you now!
With over 13 years experience of helping people through many different issues and problems, I’m a fully qualified, insured and regulated neuro-linguistic programming Coach and a master NLP practitioner, a practitioner of EFT – the emotional freedom technique and cognitive hypnotherapist. 

I also belong to the NCH – the National Council for Hypnotherapy which is the largest, most active and the foremost hypnotherapy society in the UK. To see on-line, my certificates from the verified organisations that I belong to and of my qualifications and insurance on-line please click here 

Life coaching enables you to discover the life you desire by exploring your dreams, goals, desires, possibilities, your best possible future … And finding the best possible way to achieve this.

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today and working in-person and online for help with life coaching

Together we can work on:

  • Personal development: helping you in any aspect of your life …
  • Aspiring to greater heights: relationships, career change/promotion …
  • Knowing yourself: understanding what you really want in life …
  • Confidence & self esteem; being assertive, clearer objectives …
  • Positive thinking: Become more optimistic and feel luckier …
  • Importance of Balance: work, play, sleep, relaxation, exercise …
  • Defeating procrastination and increasing motivation

Project You life coaching offers something different to the usual approaches of life coaching out there. It uses the techniques of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy, tasking and modern life coaching ideas.

So whether you want personal growth, self discovery, strength, endurance, increased confidence, happiness, optimism or general life balance then life coaching and Project You can be the answer.

How it all works

The approaches and techniques used will differ from person to person as do the amount of sessions. Most clients find that between 3-5 sessions work well with this form of life coaching. It is also recommended that about 2 sessions per month is the most beneficial, each session will last one hour.

The cost per session is £75 (a discount will be given for a block booking of 4 or more sessions of 10% off the total cost). And remember this will be an investment in you because you are worth it. 

So then

Together we can help you to discover where it is that you want to go, to find that way and find the most positive and enjoyable way of achieving this. Whatever your reason whether its work, relationship problems, self esteem or whatever is holding you back … the life coaching could be the answer!!!

What do you have to lose? Your old life, your problems, old habits …

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today and working in-person and online for help with life coaching

What is Project You Coaching? – by Trevor Silvestre

We get stuck sometimes, don’t we?. Whether it’s in our relationships, in business or in life itself, most of us at some point come to a grinding halt. Why is a big question, and certainly a lot of factors can come into it, but I believe that a big one is that we don’t know enough about ourselves. We’re ignorant of the unconscious factors that guide our life down blind alleys, or seem to block the direction we think we want to go.

Many of us live with a feeling that we’re not living the life we could; or that the choices we’ve made are wrong, but we can’t find a way out of the consequences of them. If that fits your situation then Project You may be for you.

In my opinion most life coaching is based on setting goals and motivating people to achieve them, which is a worthy aim, but if our unconscious doesn’t think the direction we’re steering is a good idea then the chances are it’ll put a spanner in the works. The way it usually does this is to reduce our motivation or increase our anxiety.

So where most life coaching descriptions begin with ‘this is not therapy’ we don’t, because all Project You Coaches are trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists. They have a large range of tools at their disposal, so the edges of coaching and therapy tend to be more blurred – because, when you think about it, people come to coaches because they want to be able to do something they don’t feel they can do. Well what do you think people see a therapist for?

So Project You Coaching is a model that has no limits on the techniques it can employ to help you get what you came for. It can be used to help you achieve a goal you have in mind, but it’s intended to do a lot more; it’s intended to give you the means of taking control of the way you live your life. This doesn’t involve anything weird or fluffy, it’s based on solid research that shows how people can improve their sense of contentment and happiness, and maximise the things they have going for them in the most productive way. In short it’s about you finding flow.

So what is Flow?
Flow is the sense of effortless action we feel in moments that we see as the best in our lives. Have you had one of those moments where you’re completely lost in something you’re doing? Time seems to stop, everything seems effortless, and life feels right?

That’s what we call a flow state. Sports coaches try to help their athletes achieve them during competition – and you know when you’re watching an athlete who’s in ‘the zone’. My question to you is, if you could live your life in flow, what wouldn’t be possible? Think about that. If your life could be full of those moments, is there a goal that you couldn’t achieve, a change you couldn’t make?

Is that possible?
It’s not going to surprise you to hear me say that I think it is. There are things you need to learn about yourself that will make that possible. There are things you’re going to have to do to learn them. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I am going to say that it’s possible. You have to decide if you want to risk the investment. You have to decide if you’re prepared to make the effort this demands. If you are, you can start Project You with a Quest Institute Trained Coach.

Project You is a process with a series of steps that are adapted to fit your needs. Those steps are designed to achieve several things:

• Identify any limits your life has led you to believe are true and show you how to get rid of them. It will be explained to you how our beliefs aren’t true, they’re things the brain uses to help make sense of the world which we mistake for the truth of things. Our minds are plastic – they’re constantly changing. Understanding the nature of this plasticity means that changes in the way we think doesn’t have to take long to achieve.

• Identify the things about yourself that need to be utilised for you to be able to create flow, and teach you how to do it.
• Assist you in identifying a direction in your life that your use of flow will create for you; a goal that is completely right for you.

So, no hard sell. This works. If you’ve been looking for something to make that vital difference to your life contact a Project You Coach and talk it through with them.

All the information of this column comes directly from Trevor Silvester from the Quest Institute, Trevor is the creator and brains behind Project You

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