Aspergers Syndrome


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Asperger syndrome is a relativity new diagnosis of which many people and in particular children are placed in, this diagnosis typically is based on the apparently well-defined scale. Aspergers Syndrome is characterized by repetitive behaviours, rituals, emotionally inappropriate behaviour and troubles with interaction socially, a preoccupation with certain subjects to the point of the exclusion of other activities and also with in certain cases uncoordinated movements. Some individuals diagnosed will experience anger issues, outbursts of temper and issues around anxiety and frustration.

With using both hypnotherapy and techniques from NLP I can help you to gain some and various levels of control over the symptoms and issues around the Aspergers syndrome. Hypnotherapy itself uses the unconscious mind as a way to make positive changes by helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels, by relaxing the individual to make any uncomfortable issues much more manageable, to help with confidence levels and giving you a mind-set which will increase well-being.

Frustration and Anxiety
If frustration and anxiousness builds up then this will lead to heightened stress, with stress levels and this then lead to outburst, irritability, temper tantrums, further frustration, anxiety and fears. All of these are both not useful states and also will overflow into other aspects of a person’s life including schooling, work and social life – this then can lead to further issues around alienation and more un-useful and maladaptive behaviours.

In fairness the above paragraph could potentially apply to all of us to varying degrees depending on what’s going on in our lives, however if this is your ‘normal’ state then try and imagine how difficult it would be.

Asperger’s Syndrome defined by Autism Org.Uk – HERE

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Some Information on the brain
Most of the thing which we have learnt how to do from birth up until now we develop ways of doing things these could be behaviours, actions, beliefs and could be considered programs which take care of task which we take for granted such as walking and talking, basically it takes care of many things we wouldn’t want to have to think about. 

The brain has 2 hemispheres with the left side dealing with anything involving time, time based activities, planning, calculating, logic, is linear, calculating, pattern matching and pattern recognition and analysing, the left brain could be described as being like a serial processor.

The right hemisphere is much more in the NOW, it takes care of creativity, sensations, monitors tastes and smells, its artists, timeless, imaginative, uses intuition, goes with gut feelings, spontaneous and random, and can end the end result with clarity.

Most tasks use both hemispheres and the hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum. There is some debate about left brain – right brain idea but regardless it’s a useful way to explain many ideas of why we think, act and behaviour how we do. There is much evidence that individuals with Aspergers syndrome have an underdeveloped right hemisphere.

The Scale
Now we are all different and in fairness we can and do all fit somewhere on that scale! Asperger’s itself has no clear identifiable cause and whist often being called or referred to as milder form of autism, this isn’t really a relief to apparent sufferers, family or friends.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and the imagination are all excellent forms of expression, therapy and outward (and inward) direction of which can and are able to bring people out from with-in themselves. This can be from the blatantly and more extroversionally obvious to the more-than-likely but noticeable and friendly interest and social interactions; helping with aspergers syndrome.

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