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Hypnotherapy in Reading, Berkshire and Didcot in Oxfordshire for weight loss, weight control and maintenance and gastric band hypnosis – helping with life making changes in 2022

Some Quick Answers: Answered

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do you need? I can’t know the answer until we speak/meet. However it can differ between 2 – 6 sessions and even then top-up sessions can be needed for some people. Certain people only need 2 sessions but they tend to be already healthy, mostly eat well and do frequent exercise (I often see personal trainers) – they tend overdo the refeed day and/or binge eat – and just need a slight mindset shift.

Will this work for me? As long as you come with a positive mindset and are open to trying some new ideas; then yes!. Hypnosis works differently to just using diets in that I will help you get to the root cause and then help with any current emotional reasons for eating and triggers that currently cause you to eat.

As a student of the Steve Miller’s Authoritarian and Motivational weight loss programme and as a level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach I’m confident that I can help you.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Coaching is about getting your mindset into the right place  and not a magic wand  you will need to take responsibility and put in effort yourself.


In Didcot I can currently work Wednesdays 10.30 am to 5.30 pm with some later times by arrangement; and on some Fridays by arrangement

In Reading on Mondays through to Fridays 10am – 8pm

And also online hypnotherapy with Zoom, Skype, and Teams


Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Reading, Berkshire

Hypnotherapy and NLP works by helping you to have a whole new outlook on healthy eating and weight control. Hypnosis helps you to strengthen your will power and give you much greater control over your eating habits. It helps by empowering to be able to say “no” to certain foods and to only eat when you’re hungry and to stop when you’re full.

With using hypnotherapy and NLP we can work together on your confidence levels and self esteem, developing a positive attitude and overall health improvements.

Whether you want improved health, more energy or a slimmer figure then this could well be the life changing choice that will make the difference for you. We also offer Gastric band hypnotherapy which is an extremely useful way of utilising the unconscious mind along with the body into feeling full much quicker.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away. My mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible 

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For online hypnotherapy for weight loss please do ask for details on how I can help you with this using on Zoom, Skype, Teams and other on-line technology


Many people try losing weight by dieting and often they will initially lose some weight, only to find that they put it back on and in some cases, even more. Some people spend much of their lives constantly struggling with their weight and with diets that simply don’t work. This can lead to a situation where food becomes their enemy. There are studies that show that constant and obsessive dieting can actually make you put on weight. 

Most diets don’t work – BBC news article

A positive and healthy relationship with food is one whereby you only eat when you’re hungry and stop before you’re full. It takes the brain 20 minutes to register that you have eaten, by this time you could have over eaten. 

Often people will eat when they actually are thirsty as the brain sends the same type of signals and we misinterpret this. Food is essential to us providing us with energy and nourishment and a healthy diet along with regular exercise keeps us healthy. Negative eating habits are very often caused by stress, guilt, fear of loss and anxiety.

Whilst people who want to lose more weight will almost certainly need more sessions, results can be quick and they can be varied (weight loss is) but if you really want this then you need to be patient and persist. Consider if you want to lose 42ibs/19kg (or more) that will take time and it will take some effort as well on your part as well. Some changes can be overwhelmingly obvious whilst other powerfully imperceptible.

“Since I saw you (January 2010) I’ve lost 2 pounds less than 2 stone, I’m slowly disapearing thank you I’m amazed but very pleased how well it’s worked” 
Mick – For weight loss March 18th 2010 

If you want a passionate, enthused and motivated approach, then we should talk. 

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I am also a level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach – so I am legally allowed to and qualified to offer nutrition, exercise ideas and programs and diet advice (diet in its proper meaning the food we eat) – so basically the food stuff, the training stuff and also the therapy – the complete combination approach 

Motivation to exercise is for some a big stumbling point and regular exercising is a massive part of what will result in the weight loss you want to achieve. Some people may just wish to have extra motivation to get them going again, whilst others will need a massive kick to help them along. Whatever you do need hypnotherapy can help in many ways.

One of the biggest problems people have with facing their weight loss is with self-esteem or confidence, their body image or how they perceive they look – and will use the excuse of being overweight to stop them getting in the gym, swimming pool or exercise class – but this is obviously not only not a un-useful belief; it’s also going to make the problem worse.

With using hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology we will work together in dispelling any negative beliefs and reasons as to why you are currently not doing something which Will help you massively.

There are lots of classes, gyms and other opportunities out there. However regular exercise is not only an essential part of losing, and maintenance and regulation of body weight but is also essential for health in general.

Dr Mercola – 2015 Exercise Recommendations and Update click – here

HIIT training – in brief HIIT training does not take much time, and are intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning – for more information please click – here –  as with any training please do consult a profession. However it is well established that HIIT training is extremely effective for helping with weight loss.

Exercise Does:

  • Make you feel better with the body and the mind
  • Help with all aspects of fitness and well-being
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Increase serotonin levels
  • Help increase self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Make you consciously aware of changes within the body and mind

Finding Time for weight loss

Some people I have worked with do say that they cannot find any time to exercise and in virtually every case we have together not only found potential time that they can use but also found a lot of time they were actually wasting doing not much or very little of any use.

Number one is – watching too much TV; also this is when eating too much bad food is done, people eating whilst watching TV do not realise how much they’ve eaten until it’s too late. The mind is being occupied and the body- mind connection doesn’t recognise you’ve gone past the point of being full.

Even if the only time you have is in the evening then this is an excellent time to use more beneficially, you can in your own house using the right exercises use just 20 – 30 minutes help yourself to lose weight and get to where you’d like to be.

The finding time excuse is virtually always just a combination of a previous bad use of time and not being creative enough with how you utilise your time. There will always be possibilities whether it involves getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, watching a little less TV, eating better and more healthier which will increase energy levels – good for both sleeping and waking feeling better or something else you haven’t thought of yet! I can and will help you think of and find time to exercise 

You are probably already beginning to notice that I work fast to help solve your problem

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today and working in-person and online for helping with weight loss

For online hypnotherapy for weight loss please do ask for details on how I can help you with this using on Zoom, Skype, Teams and other on-line technology

It’s been 14 weeks now during which time I’ve had no chocolate at all and lost a stone in weight. I walk through supermarkets now and see chocolate and sweets and it could be any other product. I don’t feel the emotional attachment to sweets or chocolate that I once felt. My energy levels are better, my sleep is better. I have no idea how it works – but it does. Whatever it is you’re looking for help with – food issues, weight loss, anxiety or sleep problems – it’s definitely worth giving it a try.  –  Sarah, January 2011 (and more recently when seen in Waitrose in Wallingford in late 2013)

Alcohol and Weight Loss

People often contact me ask for help around how to lose some weight and also to reduce their alcohol intake. It’s well known that the alcoholic calories are useless calories, so by just cutting down on the booze people will shed the pounds.

Click HERE for a guide as to how much you can lose by reducing your alcohol units down.

Weight Loss and Exercise

Know Your Body Type – Are You An Endomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph?

This is important to know and to acknowledge, and whereas most people will actually fit in-between 2 of these groups; that there is nothing you can do about the body type you were born with. You have to accept that you were born with a body type, and you will also have to accept that you may be more prone to putting on weight than others. And therefore you will need to amend your diet in the only true way that you can and reduce your intake of certain foods. 

To take a test please click – here

Endo – Meso – Ecto

Described Briefly 

Endomorphs have a thicker body type with larger joints and bones, they all prone to put on weight and body fat, also they can put on muscle fairly easily. They will lose weight slower than the other types – but they can lose weight.

Mesomorphs are naturally muscular and strong, they find losing weight easy and tend to look athletic.

Ectomorphs a have slighter bone structure, some can seem to eat lots for their size and this is because they will have a fast metabolism. Because of their natural body type they can find it difficult to put on muscle mass and some ectomorphs find this a problem for them.

The In-Between Types

Now I’m sorry to do this but most people will fall in-between these groups being between the Ecto and Meso types and referred to asEcto-Meso or Meso-Ecto meaning that they will be naturally slimmer or more atheltic with a varying ease of being able to put on muscle.

Or people will fall in-between the Meso and Endo types and these being either Meso-Endo or Endo-Meso. So with these types people will be either more naturally muscular or of a thicker body type. However whether you fit at the Meso-Endo, Endo-Meso or the Endomorph; there is help and it will take hard work but it doesn’t have to be that hard either. 

For more information around the body types please click – here

Weight Loss Top-Up Sessions for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be helped with hypnotherapy, NLP and using positive psychology to help with changing the mind-set and your relationship to food; and the changes do last. However sometimes as with personal training, education, training needs or anything where an extra boost or push it can be beneficial to have top-up session as a personal M.O.T.

Whether it’s 6 months, 1 year or 2 years sometimes all it takes is a quick top-up or a booster session to get things moving again and back on track.


From a report from the January 2012 to January 2013 – for a link to this study please click – here 

Orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with only eating certain ‘healthy’ foods, a fixation in righteous eating. The person refines their diet to their personal interpretations of what food they consider to be ‘pure’ and healthy. Sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, soya, corn, artificial additives, and non-organic foods are considered to be ‘bad’.

Some Other Eating Disorders

Binge Eating Disorder, where the person binges on large quantities of food, but doesn’t purge afterwards.

Compulsive Overeating, the person eats too much all of the time.

EDNOS or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, any other form or disordered eating that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories.

What if much of what thought you knew about dropping weight was wrong? 

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