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Lose Weight – Steve Miller Tells It Like It Is (again!)

SCARY NEWS: 8 Out Of 10 Britons Will Be Too Fat By 2060

1. More than 8 in 10 Britons will be overweight or obese by 2060.

2. Overweight and obese Britons will cost the economy £142 Billion.

3. The UK is expected to rank 12th highest in global estimate of the economic impacts of overweight and obesity.

Researchers from the World Obesity Federation and RTI International analysed data from 161 countries in this study. It’s now time to take responsibility and lose weight.

Steve Miller is on a mission to help those who are overweight, get slim. The no-nonsense straight-talking weight guru who presented the hit TV show Fat Families has shared 10 lifestyle habits that can result in inches dropping off your waist. There’s no strict diet or rigorous exercise regime involved, just basic steps to follow to help you to lose weight.

Click HERE for a link to his series Fat Families helping people to lose weight

Some Quick Answers: Answered

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do you need? I can’t know the answer until we speak/meet. However it can differ between 2 – 6 sessions and even then top-up sessions can be needed for some people. Certain people only need 2 sessions but they tend to be already healthy, mostly eat well and do frequent exercise (I often see personal trainers) – they tend overdo the refeed day and/or binge eat – and just need a slight mindset shift for helping people to lose weight.

Will this work for me? As long as you come with a positive mindset and are open to trying some new ideas; then yes!. Hypnosis works differently to just using diets in that I will help you get to the root cause and then help with any current emotional reasons for eating and triggers that currently cause you to eat.

As a student of the Steve Miller’s Authoritarian and Motivational weight loss programme and as a level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach I’m confident that I can help you.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Coaching is about getting your mindset into the right place  and not a magic wand  you will need to take responsibility and put in effort yourself.

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Many people try losing weight by dieting and often they will initially lose some weight, only to find that they put it back on and in some cases, even more. Some people spend much of their lives constantly struggling with their weight and with diets that simply don’t work. This can lead to a situation where food becomes their enemy. There are studies that show that constant and obsessive dieting can actually make you put on weight. 

Most diets don’t work – BBC news article

A positive and healthy relationship with food is one whereby you only eat when you’re hungry and stop before you’re full. It takes the brain 20 minutes to register that you have eaten, by this time you could have over eaten. 

Often people will eat when they actually are thirsty as the brain sends the same type of signals and we misinterpret this. Food is essential to us providing us with energy and nourishment and a healthy diet along with regular exercise keeps us healthy. Negative eating habits are very often caused by stress, guilt, fear of loss and anxiety.

Whilst people who want to lose more weight will almost certainly need more sessions, results can be quick and they can be varied (weight loss is) but if you really want this then you need to be patient and persist. Consider if you want to lose 42ibs/19kg (or more) that will take time and it will take some effort as well on your part as well. Some changes can be overwhelmingly obvious whilst other powerfully imperceptible.

“Since I saw you (January 2010) I’ve lost 2 pounds less than 2 stone, I’m slowly disapearing thank you I’m amazed but very pleased how well it’s worked” 
Mick – For help to lose weight March 18th 2010 

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