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Jealousy and insecurity are emotional problems which are an anxiety and a fear, an anxiety and fear of not knowing and making-up what you think someone is thinking and how they are behaving. In many ways it could be best described and using your imagination very badly. In many cases feelings of paranoia will present.

The reason why someone may be jealous could come down to a known past experience where something bad within a relationship happened or sometimes an unknown source, or memory or time when a rejection happened. Whether the cause is known or not, hypnotherapy and NLP can help. Using a time-line therapy approach we will look into ‘what happened’ and assist you and your unconscious mind to being able to look at things differently and putting any root cause for this insecurity behind you.

Common reasons are when an ex-partner may have cheated on you or it could be that one of your parents cheated and that relationship broke down, and you witnessed your parents fall apart. If either of these are the case then it has to realise that in these situation it wasn’t anything to do with you. Although people will often assign blame to themselves, or in some cases actually be told that is was there fault. Again this can be helped using hypnotherapy because you weren’t to blame and using hypnosis and NLP we will help you to see this.

Obviously jealousy can put a strain on a current relationship of any kind, whether that is a romantic or otherwise; and the others involved will feel negative emotions themselves, which could then in turn drive them away. This can then do 2 things, the first being the break-up of that relationship and also at the same time it may “prove to you” that something bad was going to happen.

Insecurity can also be between siblings and a rivalry between them sometimes caused by one or both parents showing a preference towards another brother or sister. In some cases it will even have been publicly stated by a parent.

Not all jealousy and insecurity to relationship or family based – it can be of a more professional basis around someone else getting a promotion, a friend new car and bigger house, someone’s popularity or maybe you being or feeling left out of a situation.

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All the descriptions of jealousy and insecurity can be helped and often in a surprisingly short few sessions, together we can work on:

  • Stopping the negative self-talk
  • Stopping the anxious feelings
  • Learning to use your imagination wisely
  • Become happier
  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem
  • Putting an ex behind you, or
  • Reducing the thoughts of a present person
  • Putting trust in your current partner
  • Being more mindful
  • Becoming more centred and congruent
  • Letting go of the desire for new trinkets or “keeping up with the Jones’s”
  • Moving you forward to becoming the best you that you can be

Social media hasn’t helped with this either, so we can work on things such as Facebook and other social media sites and texting 

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Hypnotherapy and NLP can be highly effective with dealing with negative emotions such as guilt, fear, anger and jealousy. After identifying the emotion and what the emotion means to you we can then work together on finding the core issue and the trigger of the emotional response. By doing this we can work towards creating a positive self image, building self-esteem, confidence and awareness of the possible triggers.


Jealousy can be caused by insecurities and/or an over active imagination. When this happens it can damage relationships, lead to obsessive behaviours and can lead to anger and in extreme cases violence. It often starts when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival, this rival may or may not know that he or she is perceived as a threat.

For further reading – Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

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