Fear and Phobia of Needles and Injections


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Medical Advice Notice:
If however you have ever fainted or lost consciousness after an injection or at the sight of a needle, then this may be a medical condition known as vasovagal reflex reaction and your phobia of needles is something which you should first discuss with a medically qualified doctor.


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Needle Phobias
Whether you want to overcome your phobia because of health reasons, because of fear of ‘passing’ the phobia to your child, or simply to get immunised before going on holiday, then combining NLP and hypnotherapy is extremely likely to resolve the issue quickly (and sometimes in just one session).

Once the cause, the origin of the fear is uncovered then the unconscious mind can be taught to get things back into perspective and release its grip, hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping with this.

About Needle Phobia
The affects and consequences of living life as a needle phobic can indeed be great. Some people will avoid going to the doctor (or dentist, nurse etc) at all costs, even when they are experiencing terrible pain or are in urgent need of medical treatment.

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A fear of needles affects about 10% of adults to varying degrees. Some of the more usual affects of a needles phobia are: 

  • the refusing of blood tests 
  • turning down opportunities to go on holiday
  • having medication administered in tablet form rather than by the recommended injection
  • at the mention of the word “injection”, immediately starting to feel sick, heart pounding, feeling extremely anxious and/or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • not being able to watch someone else have an injection, having to ask someone to take your child or your baby for inoculations because you won’t be able to

The fear of needles in its extreme form may also be characterized by something called ‘the vasovagal needle reflex’ which can lead to rapid decrease in blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

The Origins of the fear

Very often the fear of needles has its origin in childhood because of either a bad experience which happened to you (often which you might not remember) or sometimes a negative experience which has been caused by experiences of others (often parents/ parental figures) who themselves have needle phobias. Because of this you may have then subconsciously paired this experience with a fear of all such needles in what is called a ‘conditioned response’.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away

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Trypanophobia is an irrational and often intense fear of hypodermic needles or injections. 
Belonephobia is a term which denotes a fear of pins and needles.
Aichmophobia, is the fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, things like umbrella’s or even in some cases a pointing finger

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