Hypnotherapy in Reading, Berkshire and Didcot, Oxfordshire for help with confidence and self confidence issues around work, private life, social situations, performance realated issues; and internal and external confidence 


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With building confidence I would always suggest that we start with finding any root causes and addressing this first because if there is something in the past which has caused the lack of confidence and self-esteem then this will need to be addressed.

There are many ways of doing this effectively, and once done you will start to feel different in both subtle and more dynamic and dramatic ways. You will just find yourself doing things which used to be obstacles, deal with situations and people more effectively, feel increased levels of belief, value and self-esteem and become the person you want to be and do more of the things you would like to do.

If your lack of confidence or feelings of low self-esteem are having an impact on your life and if you’re not living to your potential, whether it’s confidence as a whole or in specific areas – then hypnotherapy and NLP can help. Building your confidence levels and feelings of self-esteem not only effect the desired area but often go into other areas which in turn builds your confidence even more.

So if it’s for work and careers, public speaking and making presentations, for being more assertive, interviews, for social and personal reasons, sporting or any other specific area – they can all be helped with. In all likelihood there will be any root cause and this is where I would suggest starting however from there onwards it’s about dealing with the present and getting you to start noticing differences straight away.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away.

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Some areas which we may focus time on, both through conversation and through hypnosis are

Past Failures – We can sometimes do this both consciously and unconsciously, by either thinking about something or someone and imagining things going wrong in the past, which we then imagine going wrong again in the future. This can be addressed with hypnotherapy so that you can either forget about how you used to imagine the past or by being able to see it differently – this is very possible. From then onwards by viewing and understanding the situation in a different way – you can overcome past issues. Your focus of direction will change towards a more positive one.

Stop Worrying About Others – Hypnosis is excellent for this and I can teach you to focus on the task at hand which will allow you to succeed rather than concentrating on what others are thinking (the truth is they are more than likely worrying about what others are thinking of them!).

Ignore External Distractions – Hypnotherapy and confidence coaching teaches you to believe in yourself so that you feel that you can cope with any situation no matter what is going on around you.

Removing Negative Self Talk – Learn how to remove any negative thoughts, affirmations and beliefs from your mind and replace them with positive ones.

Reduce Internal Feelings – Feelings of illness, nausea, shaking, butterflies in your stomach or excessive sweating are all linked to an anxiety response. I can teach you NLP, breathing and hypnosis techniques show you these feelings can be controlled through relaxation and distraction techniques. The body, feelings, thoughts, the mind, brain and breathing are all linked an there are many ways of helping this

Confidence and Self Belief – Your imagination is powerful and whether you feel yours is vivid, good or bad; you do have one so why not use it well? There are so many ways of using visualization techniques and your imagination so that you can imagine yourself doing a task and performing it well. Future progression or seeing yourself already doing the task allows us to place you in a number of possible scenarios and imagine what success feels like. Top Athletes use visualisation and it’s a proven method of succeeding.

Emotional Control – Hypnotherapy has many techniques which can help you to stop becoming annoyed, upset or angry when you do something badly. We can teach you how to move on from those feelings as quickly as possible, within NLP, hypnosis and positive psychology there many, many techniques I can teach.

Motivation, Energy and Stamina – Together we work on building energy levels, hypnosis and NLP both have excellent techniques which will help us to identify what is sapping your energy and undermining your progress. Motivational work can help you to rebuild your enthusiasm so that your performance is enhanced thus building a positive platform to gain even more from.

In many ways confidence in one of the foundations of hypnotherapy and if I’m working with individuals wanting to stop smoking, to lose weight, with anxieties, addictions, stress, depression … nearly everyone will state that addressing the issue they came to see me for will help increase their confidence and self-esteem. Increasing confidence levels will often remove or lower other barriers, self-limitations and banish former beliefs. This will in turn increase possibilities, open-up opportunities and build self-belief, esteem and bring extra value to your life.

It is said that we are born self-confident and to an extent that is true, it is also stated that that it is from bad experiences, direct and erroneous comments and actions from others, bad parental advice, negative programming and various other enforced rules, social rules and social programming that we become less confident. We may develop negative self-talk, repeat back or ‘remember’ negative experiences, become anxious or fearful and many other negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If we do this we limit ourselves, chances and possibilities.

How I Can Help
With hypnosis, NLP and positive psychology I can help you overcome these limitations, fears, phobias, lack of self- esteem, get over this lacking of confidence and feelings of negativity. There are many ways of helping this and we will always work on a program of therapy which will be personalised for you – confidence is a state of mind and we will be working of changing your mind state!

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