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We are collectively in for some global changes, every country, very person will be affected by this upcoming oncoming financial collapse and it’s ramifications.

Jordan Peterson Wants You to Be Prepared!

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Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He began to receive widespread attention as a public intellectual in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues.

Robert Kiyosaki: “This Should Make You Nervous”

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos. Here talking about the upcoming financial collapse – so please do be prepared.

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Finance ‘Guru’ Reveals Financial Collapse and COVID Jab Data- Interview with Edward Dowd (

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Joseph Michael Mercola is an American alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and Internet business personality.

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Is the Great Reset Happening? – Robert Kiyosaki with Mark Moss

 At the World Economic Forum meeting last November, Klaus Schwab, the founder, and chairman of the WEF, Henry Kissinger, heads of state, and other billionaire power brokers determined that by 2030, the little people “will own nothing and be happy.” Today’s guest explains that these ideologies are both dangerous and evil.

Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “If you control the food, you control a nation. If you control the energy, you control a region. If you control the money, you control the world.” History tells us this is true.

Mark Moss, author of his new book “Uncommunist Manifesto” says, “Per the UN, it’s estimated 860 million people could starve to death in the next 24 months.”

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Mark Moss discuss Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and “The Great Reset”.

Bill Holter – The [WEF]/[CB] Agenda Is Failing, The People Are Rising Up WW (

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WEF = World Economic Forum

CB = Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England or the IMF, International Monetary Fund

Rumble is an online video platform and cloud services business headquartered in Longboat Key, Florida. It was founded in October 2013 by Chris Pavlovsk

Bill Holter
Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals, he collaborates with Jim Sinclair. Bill begins talking about the energy crisis in Europe. The people are going to hit the precipice and they will begin to push back. The Great Reset is hitting the wall. The people will rise up and stop the great reset as the economy collapses. Bill talks about how people can collectively help stop this upcoming financial collapse.

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The purpose of this page is not to scare you but prepare you for the immediate future and there will be at some level a financial collapse of some magnitude.